New sorting signage for graphic papers in eco-designed packaging

A new sorting signage was approved in September 2021 by the authorities. It has been mandatory on new graphic papers since the beginning of 2022. Stocks of graphic papers without this signage may be sold until March 2023, after which all graphic papers must necessarily display the sorting information.

This signage consists of 4 elements: Le Triman, the LE TRI + FACILE cartridge, the items to be sorted, and the destination. Le Triman is mandatory and inseparable from the Info-tri cartridge. Here is its complete version with the 4 elements, for a cosmetic product bottle with box and instructions:

The Info-tri is modular for better adaptability to different media. It is possible not to include the LE TRI + FACILE tagline. For the section on items to be sorted, one can choose to include only the pictograms or both the pictograms and their captions. It is also possible to include only the captions without the pictograms. This choice will be made based on the type of eco-designed packaging. Thus, the Info-tri can also be presented in this form :

The Triman should not be too small: 10 mm in height for the standard version, 6 mm for the compact version. The colors for sorting destination signs are yellow for papers and packaging and green for glass. Small papers with a surface area less than 10 cm2 may be exempt from signage. Those with a size between 10 and 20 cm2 must bear at least the Triman. In both cases, the absent information and signage must be available in digitized format. This new signage, more explicit than the previous ones, aims to encourage consumers to sort more and guide them in doing so correctly. For more information on this new signage, feel free to visit the website.